Building applications using open standards provides a certain level of insurance to enterprises from being locked into a specific vendor's product. The investment in an application need not be lost should the enterprise decide to change some part of their infrastructure.

Our experience in open source platforms and technologies mean we can deliver high performing, scalable, fault tolerant products in many domains. We can help you leverage the best of open source to deliver results with agility, while managing costs.

  • Open Source

    Open source technologies bring in the power of scalability, flexibility, customization and professional user interface to your web applications. This opportunity offered by open source is best exploited to build quick and secure applications, leading to increased open source adoption amongst many enterprises.

    data-tantra has significant experience in providing software development and customization solutions using various open source technologies to organizations. Our proficiency in various open source platforms will help you in the rapid development of high performance web and enterprise applications.

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    Rich Internet Applications Development