Data-Tantra's Analytics Services have helped our customers effectively combine deep industry knowledge, cutting edge mathematical & statistical methods, technology tools like SAS, SPSS and software environments like R to implement an analytics culture in their organizations. We tailor our services to your exact business requirements out of Big Data.

Big Data analytics solutions can be easily customized to the your specific business needs, and seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure. Unlike the business analytics of the past, Big Data offers precise measurements & abilities essential for management of innovation and projects, from initiation to completion. Today's executives can readily make far more potent projections and precise management decisions that are rooted on tangible data. Through Big Data, your enterprise can better understand the business and translate this knowledge into precise decision­-making.

Precise decision-making = Success.

  • Big Data Analytics & Forecasting

    Making the world more productive with predictive analytics.

    Just because data analysis can reveal interesting trends doesn't make those trends useful to your business.

    Good data and sophisticated analysis only get you so far. For your best decisions, you must be empowered to interpret and act upon your data trends in a manner relevant to your business goals, customized for your company, in your industry, in your town, with your government policies and your business rules.

    Data-Tantra has the expertise, the experience and the market understanding to fully enable Big Data technologies for the benefit of your business.

    For companies that need to make sense out of their Big Data, but may not know where to start, Data-Tantra provides Big Data Solutions, Applications, and Training to solve their Big Data challenges.

    An increasing number of enterprises are leveraging Big Data to fast track POCs and innovation projects to production. Social Data mining from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more social sites are becoming crucial for enterprises.

    While the complete potential of Big Data has not yet been fully realized, its usefulness in terms of speed and delivery is certainly incomparable with the analytics of the past.