Our business intelligence and analytics service helps your business transform your raw data into achievable and meaningful inference to provide effective strategic, tactical and operational insights and decision making.

We offer end-to-end Business Intelligence Consulting Services to give you tools to view historical trends and patterns as well as insight to make better projections.

Our BI analysts are knowledgeable and experienced in specific industry segments and business functions.

  • BI & Reporting

    Our industry-experienced team of BI experts thrive to deliver first-class solutions that enable your organization to perform at a higher level accurate analysis and reports to draw the right information to do the right things.

    Among the services Data-Tantra provides:

    Data Warehouse: We develop the datamarts or a single data warehouse to bring key metrics and information together in a central location using tools like MSBI, Informatica etc.

    Data Analysis: Data-Tantra helps your organization to store preprocessed aggregates of data and optimize data & report retrieval, enabling an extremely large data warehouse to get effective reporting and easily work on interactive analysis.

    Reporting: Data-Tantra leveragesReporting Services to create reports and dashboards containing a wide variety of charts & formats to derive meaningful reports from extensive business data and switch this information into answers useful for strategic goals of Business.

    We leverage our proven methodologies, processes, architectures and expert technology capabilities to produce timely, accurate, and highly-relevant BI services and solutions.

    Our consultants are experts in advanced analytics, business intelligence, real-time data management and information strategy. We have developed leading edge algorithms, advanced statistical and mathematical assets to develop predictive analytics and business optimization solutions for our clients.