Big Data Analytics & Forecasting

Data-Tantra has the expertise, the experience and the market understanding to fully enable Big Data technologies for the benefit of your business.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning or Advanced Analytics is crucial to explore, analyse and implement solutions presented by Big Data. Machine learning Algorithms.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Our industry-experienced team of Business Intelligence experts thrive to deliver first-class solutions that enable your organization to perform.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Data-Tantra combines its product engineering capabilities with business knowledge to help customers build disruptive products in technologies such as mobile, cloud, social, and analytics.

About Data-Tantra

Data-Tantra is a refreshingly different software development company. Our core was built by seasoned software business professionals who have been in the business of successfully building software projects, providing you with software testing services and helping you with big data analytics.

What we believe in at Data-Tantra

Quality, Honesty & Punctuality are our core values at data-tantra. We wish to deliver the best rather excellent quality software and IT services to our clients with these values.

We would love to work hard & celebrate your success as customer centricity would remain our focal point in our engagement with our customers.

We wish to help businesses achieve success by having advantage on their competitors, quick time to market. We are eager to help independent software vendors to convert their product or business ideas into working piece of software by being a technology partner with them rather than merely an outsourced vendor.

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